The Voices In the Wilderness Shall Be Heard

The Lord is raising those who have a heart and a voice for the Kingdom. He is raising an army who refuses to be silent, who will not flinch in times of trial or tribulation, will not shy away when faced with evil, and who will not compromise His Truth. Such an army is right now being formed in the earth … the remnant that will arise out of the ruins of religiosity and carnality.

This army will rebuild the ruins of God’s watchtowers and they will rebuild the walls of his Kingdom as they declare liberty to the captive and freedom for the brokenhearted. They move in the power of the Spirit to declare the Gospel of the Kingdom! They are rising … for the Lord calls them. These are the days of the valley of dry bones, for the Spirit is breathing life into those who have been called and who have been faithful, yet they feel withered, dry, and dead. Arise cries the Lord!

For the Spirit of the Lord is moving across the world, interrupting lives, uprooting, shaking, breathing life for the time of the great harvest is here and the great separation of the weed and the wheat. This is the time of the great outpouring, of the fire of revival but also the fire of judgment. For look, the Lord who holds the winnowing fork in His hands, He who baptizes in fire stands by the door and He knocks! For the heavens declare His Glory, and He calls His sons and daughters to arise. For such a time is upon us now, for those who look at the cross and behold Him shall surely be washed by the Blood, sealed by the Spirit, and redeemed!

For this army surely walks in the steps of the Shepherd – He who is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world was laid. It is He who is the Lion of Judah that returns with the hose of heaven. Praise Him!

Indeed, the Lord is calling sons and daughters who seek no recognition, award, reward, praise, or applause. For they are like John the Baptist, for these are the days of Matthew 3: (KJV): 3 In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea, 2 And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 3 For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

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For such are days again for those who have a true heart of the Kingdom are and will cry repent, for indeed the coming of the Lord is upon us! For such sons and daughters of the Kingdom are and will prepare the way of the Lord. They shall make straight the paths of the Lord! They shall declare His Holiness, His Righteousness and they shall not shy away from the cross, mock the Blood for they are sold out, they are ready, they are willing and they have bent their knee to the true Lord and King. They shall remain standing in the storm, they shall remain standing when the mountains shake and they shall remain standing when the world flees to hide from the majesty of the Lord! For they who speak in His Voice know it is not about them, but about the Lord! It is not about their pleasure, their gain, their truth, their plans, their dreams but it is about the plan, purpose, and the truth of the everlasting Kingdom!

Understand says the Lord, there are many like John the Baptist who for a while and a season has been in the wilderness, crying out, struggling, suffering, sacrificing, and hoping for a better day. But take hearts says the Lord, for those who remain true to their calling and mandate, shall surely walk in its completion and fulfillment.

For let us understand John the Baptist was around 30 years of age until his simple calling was finally realized. Can we imagine how long he must have wandered the wilderness, crying out, yet nobody heard it? Yet in this time – out of season – he remained loyal to his calling and purpose. There was no one to comfort him, to exhort him, to praise him, to reward him – no, he kept true to his calling in and out of season.

How the Lord calls for a people who will seek obedience to their calling more than the reward, more than any praise or recognition! John lived on wild honey and locust to survive – yet for his obedience, he was rewarded not with great wealth but he was rewarded with great praise from the Lord Himself! It says in Matthew 11:11(KJV): 11 Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

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The Lord seeks those who like John sacrificed it all, who lost themselves for the sake of His Glory and for laid it all down to gain the great honor of beholding the Lord in His Glory. For John’s obedience, toiling for years in the wilderness, he was allowed to baptist Jesus Himself! Yes, there is a great reward for those who seek the Lord above all, no matter the cost or the price. The Lord calls for dedication, perseverance, and enduring in faith …

For the Lord says many people have for a time being walking in the wilderness, crying out for the Kingdom is at hand, their hearts burning with truth and with holy fire, yet their voices have gone unnoticed. For many will feel this wilderness is too harsh, the journey too long and it is too difficult to tread, all the while your voice is not being heard, but take heart, for a time, will come that those who speak in His Spirit shall be heard … Yes says the Lord, they shall be heard. My true sons and daughters, says the Lord shall be heard, and their voices will not go unnoticed!

Many voices are crying out in the wilderness – crying out God’s Truth in Spirit – yet many are not yet listening, but the time shall come. Yes, it will come says the Lord! Like in the days of John, now is the time to remain steadfast, to remain true to the Lord and true to His message and His Truth.

For out of the wilderness they will come, no more hidden but revealed, but unveiled for as Lazarus came out of the tomb, so the Lord says the come forth His sons and daughters, come out of your wilderness and embrace the light of His Glory!

For understand, John came proclaiming the truth of the Kingdom – not the truth of any church or man. It was the message from the King Himself. The Lord is raising those who speak with the heart of the Kingdom and who speaks the message of the King. This is not a message that will glorify any church group or denomination, but a message that glorifies God and that will raise the Bride out of the ashes of religion and man-made mediocrity, tradition, and culture. It is they who walk in His glory, and who seek no glory. It is they who seek the treasures of heaven, not the riches of the earth. It is they who move in the Spirit, who is led by the Spirit and who fear not a man but they fear God.

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John was not a rich man. He was not adorned. He did not live in a luxury house. His ministry was only for a short while, but during all the trials, he remained faithful. For he understands the Kingdom is not of wealth, prosperity, riches, fame, popularity, self-enrichment of self-glorification, but the Kingdom is about the Lamb who died for all to be saved, and he knew this was a Kingdom of power that will set free those who believe from the tyranny of darkness here on earth and forevermore! The Gospel is the truth of the eternal King, who has laid down His life so that all who believe will be saved.

This is the Kingdom! This is the Gospel for which John died and he defended. The Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached. A Kingdom Gospel of life. Not a gospel of buildings, of status, of appraisal, or religion, of agendas, no, it was the Gospel of a King that will shed His Blood so that mankind may be free from its fallen ways and the ways of the devil.

For this Gospel John braved the wilderness – alone and for a long time. He lived in solitude and he lived by eating locusts and honey because he was consumed by the Gospel of the Kingdom. He knew his purpose and was driven by nothing else.

What does the Kingdom mean to us? Is it a Gospel that we will die for, no matter the cost or the sacrifice, or is this a mere Gospel of self-gratification, of self accumulation and self-worth?

Listen to the Lord. He is raising men like John the Baptist who lived for nothing else but the King of Heaven and he lived for nothing else than the truth of such Gospel. Listen. God is raising men and women with the singular vision and determination of john. They will not back down. They do not seek to be pampered. They realize this is not about fortune, fame, or riches. They may only speak to a few, and their ministry may be short-lived, but they know it is about faithfulness, obedience, and love for the King!

And the Lord says I will lead them out of the wilderness! I will lead them and I will let their voices be heard! I will them their words burn with fire! I will let their hearts burn for me! Seek not the ways of the world, but seek only the Lord. Seek Him only!

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For John lived a humble life, so the Lord calls for humility, He calls for sacrifice, He calls for an utmost dedication, for our God is an all-consuming fire and He is a jealous God!

For look says the Lord, they are coming out of the wilderness! They are coming – the ignored, the trodden, the dismissed, the scared, the bruised and the broken – they are coming to speak and to speak the word of God. Repent cries the Lord, repent, for the Kingdom of God is hand!

They are coming says the Lord. They are coming. They are not adorned with riches, with fame or splendor, but look, they wear the mantle of God, and listen, for their words will shake the very foundations of God and their words will shake the very foundations of the heart of man. They come to profess the Kingdom, to profess the truth of the king and they come in the power of the Spirit for the Kingdom of God is one of power!

Ignore, ignore their voice says the Lord if you wish, but what they speak shall come to pass and there shall be no delay! And My power says the Lord shall be with them and all shall know these are my servants who have chosen Me, no matter the cost. For they know the voice of their King, for they have turned their ears to His calling, and they have obeyed and they have followed.

Hallelujah! For they come in the power of God. Men, women, and yes says the Lord, even children will speak with His voice. They are coming, and every rock shall shake and mountains shall quake and the heavens will declare God’s Word will split the foundations.

A quickening! A quickening! There is a quickening of the Spirit as the Lord will birth His Bride in Glory and by the Blood of the Lamb. For those who come with His voice shall be quickened by the Spirit, burning with holy fire, for they seek not the mantle of the world or the mantle placed on them by man, but the hand of God and God alone.

For even now says the Lord, many are burdened by the mantles of this world, and there are many mantles of burden in the churches, so it is time to cast away these mantles, to cast away one’s crown of self-glory to seek the glory of the King.

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Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. He is raising an army that speaks of the Kingdom. With them comes great baptism. In water. In Spirit. In divine fire.

For they come, for whom have they but God? They serve no other, they seek no other god or riches, but they seek only His Kingdom.

Riaan Engelbrecht

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