A Critical Time To Seek the Lord

Consider these five spiritual points of debate:

One: Feasting at the Lord’s Table.

Two: Dwelling in the Presence of God

Third: Being nourished by the Living Waters of the Living God.

Four: Being the Temple in which the Lord resides.

Five: Walking the Road of the Lord.

Consider then the following:

One: We as believers are hardly feasting at the Lord’s Table, thus feeding on the True Word of God, sitting in His company, but we rather contend to be nourished by spiritual crumbs, susceptible to deception and lies. We are therefore not sitting in the counsel of the Lord but are inclined to walk more in the ways of the wicked.

Second: We are habituating and residing in the spiritual valley of this world, confused, blinded, lost, and unable to hear the Voice of the Lord, instead of living in victory in the Presence of God by abiding on the spiritual mountain.

Third: We are content to rather drink diluted spiritual waters from a broken cistern, thus, opting for a lie than to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit that is the living waters within us. We are thus nourished by a supplement that only mirrors the truth of God’s eternal and holy way.

Fourth: We are called to be the Church – the Holy Priesthood – and not merely attend Church. We are called to step out of the tangible and temporary into the spiritual eternal. We are called to be a living and breathing organism, not a mere organization of programs, and self-serving agendas.

Fifth: We are called to follow God’s way, and not ours. We are called to follow Him, and not to lead others astray through rebellion, idolatry, pride, or carnality.

And here dwells the truth that resides in the heart of the matter – we are not feasting with the Lord, but are content to eat from the crumbs like dogs caged by pretentious spiritual masters; we are not dwelling on the ‘mountain’ of God (meaning dwelling and abiding in His Presence) where we live day by day in the holy inheritance of the Kingdom Glory and Light; idolatry, sin, and rebellion has darkened the condition of our ways to the point that we have lost our way; we have exploited, manipulated and tampered with God’s Living Waters by twisting the Truth for own gain, popularity, and riches.

These matters need to be considered and need to be pondered. It needs to be pondered lest we fall into deeper apostasy and spiritual idolatry.

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Consider dear reader, there is a spiritual drought in the world.

A drought caused by an arrogant and egotistical world not wishing to receive and embrace the absolute truth of God. There is a great drought in the Church, for the spiritual leaders are the ones who have polluted the waters, sold the Gospel, become fat out of their exploits, feeding crumbs to those that they have trained to become like dogs at their feet. Such is the depth and sadness of the state of the priesthood.

Indeed, the Church appears fat, but only nourished by spiritual junk food, by selfish gain, by pride, by fleshly desires and worldly needs. In spirit, she is suffering from malnutrition, floundering in her darkness, struggling in the tide of her own lifeblood, gasping for breath but finding none.

There is one Truth – Jesus.

There is one Way – the Way of Jesus.

There is one Path – the path of I AM.

Instead of God’s Truth in the churches, we have man’s truth.

Instead of God’s Way, we follow the way of man.

Instead of the path of true spiritual enlightenment and hope and glory, we follow the path of the so-called enlightened “thinkers”.

And so the Lord is grieved.

Grace without order and obedience unto His commandments is lawlessness.

Grace without faith is the path to acceptance of all religions.

Grace without the fear of the Lord is a journey on a raft sailing an ocean susceptible to the tempest fury.

Let us pause. Let us pause once more as the Church. Let us pause once more as believers for we are facing a defiant moment in the history of the world, of the church, and of mankind. Are we going to seek the ancient of ways again – seeking God – or are we continuing on our path of destruction?

There have always been defiant moments in history.

It was a defiant moment when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and so altered the World War forever – America joined the battle.

It was a defiant moment when the Prussians stepped on the blood-soaked fields of Waterloo to stem the relentless march of Napoleon.

It was a defiant moment when Martin Luther nailed his thesis against the Wittenberg Church door in protest against the Catholic institution.

It was a defiant moment that forever altered history and all spiritual reality when Jesus died on the cross – His blood shed for us.

And so, we are faced with our greatest defiant moment, says the Lord.

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Shall we follow Him – His Way, Truth, and Life?

Shall we follow man – his tradition, religion, reality, and truth?

2000 years ago Jesus showed the believers how to be the Ecclesia – making disciples across the world. Today, the Church is a sad, depleted, and disarmed shade of the Ecclesia – birthing sons and daughters of a religion and not sons and daughters of the Living God.

The first believers were noted to be followers of The Way. They followed the Way of Jesus. They followed and obeyed and were faithful to the teachings of Jesus.

Yet, today, we follow man – we follow his brand of truth.

We are bound, gagged, and blinded by our traditions, by a religious system, and yet we think we are free. We are deceived for we have allowed deception into our hearts. And by that deception, our spiritual reflection is dark, and so the nightmares of the world haunt us.

It is time to go up the mountain of the Lord for we can no longer pretend everything is fine. We can no longer pretend we are living in the glory and Truth of God. The spiritual enemy is in our midst – yet we are blind to see, but rather embrace the threat.

Come up the ‘mountain’ of the Lord. Seek Him once again beyond the music, the temporary lights, the sweet talk, the warm ambiance, and the cozy chairs.

For there is a light that shines over yonder beyond the gate and beyond the valley, beyond the line of the trees where the waters reach to the mountain, for there the light of the Lord shines as He calls His people home to seek and worship and find Him.

How long until we listen to God and heed Him?

Do we know His voice? Shall we arise to drink from the Lord, to sit at His table, to listen again to His voice, and to seek His Kingdom above all else? Such a decision has to be taken for a flood of the Spirit comes in the churches and throughout the world. Shall we be found on the Rock of the Lord, or shall our sand of illusion and deception be swept away by the glory of the Lord?

Riaan Engelbrecht

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