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Re-Forma is responding to the crisis of insufficiently trained church leadership. Founded on outcome- and impact-based assessment, Re-Forma provides recognised benchmarks for informal and nonformal biblically-based ministry. After all, the world desperately needs Christian leaders who know the Scripture and can effectively serve the church. For these servants, Re-Forma awards a certificate of global recognition, underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance.

What is an outcome? It is simply a task that a pastor should be able to complete in terms of his or her spiritual training. And this is also why the Global Activation and Mobilisation Network is using these outcomes as an assessment tool.

SO HOW DOES THIS WORK? Download the document with the outcomes that must be able to be completed by the prospective team leader. You achieve the outcome by answering the corresponding question (some will be practical demonstrations). Once all answers corresponding to the outcomes are answered, sent your answers COMPLETED ON A SEPARATE WORD DOCUMENT to [email protected] for an assessment.

You can also visit for further study help.

Lighthouse Ministries will also be available to help where the prospective team leader needs help in terms of an outcome. Contact us as [email protected]

Upon completion of the outcomes, one can also qualify for a Re-Forma Certificate, which is underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance. In order to qualify for the certificate and to be a team leader as part of the Global Activation and Mobilisation Network, one needs to show that you have successfully demonstrated all the outcomes. Take note for those who are interested in the Certificate (upon completing and succeeding in the assessment) that a nominal administration fee of $5US, plus postage and packaging applies. This cost needs to be covered by the Re Forma outcome candidate. No certificates will be issued without prior payment.

Download the RE-Forma questions at this link: Program A: Outcomes and Questions

A Critical Time To Seek the Lord

Riaan Engelbrecht (Dean – Lighthouse Bible School)

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