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Church Expansion Program Manual

We have completed the Church Expansion Program Manual which was compiled to help Church Leaders to deal with the negative impact caused by COVID-19 and the subsequent financial implications. It is all about church growth, expanding congregations, and putting measures in place that reverse the impact and damages caused by COVID-19 and the subsequent financial implications. It successfully deals with similar incidents and events in the future.

The Church Expansion Program

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ: Salvation and Restoration

We have also completed The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Training Manual for new converts, which gives the laborers the basic, but full gospel of Christ. This manual is a crash course aimed at giving the new converts the basic knowledge that they need, to go out almost immediately to advance the kingdom of God. It gives them the tools and the knowledge to preach a message of hope.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Salvation and Restoration

By using these resources in conjunction with each other, churches will be in a very good position to expand their congregations tremendously.

Church leaders should utilize this tool immediately when they start the Evangelism Program as recommended in the Church Expansion Program Manual. It can be printed by anyone who wants to use this manual for training purposes.

Download these resources directly from this website at the links below:

Church Expansion Program Manual

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Training Manual

Please use the South African Store’s “Direct Banking Transfer” option. Because you are not paying for these resources, this method is the only option that will allow you to download these manuals for FREE.

The South African Store: SA Shop

All churches and church leaders are welcome to make use of these FREE resources. Although the Global Activation and Mobilization Network is focused on planting and maintaining house churches, assisting the institutional church is just as important. We provide resources, we work together with local churches during outreaches and we will have facilities available in the future where church camps, equipping conferences, and equipping courses will be hosted by the GCR Support Team.

An audio version of the manuals are also available at this link: Church Expansion Program

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