The Keys To the Kingdom Of Heaven: A Prophetic Word

In Matthew 16:19 we read: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The keys are simply God granting His Church – as the official representative of the Kingdom on earth – the authority to act as custodians of the Gospel. Thus, His disciples have been granted the legal right to preach and teach the Gospel, and thus what they declare according to the Word of God, as settled in Heaven, shall be bound or loosened. Therefore, those who carry the keys do so with great RESPONSIBILITY. It is the same concept as having the keys to a house or a car. It denotes ownership. After all, as disciples of God, we are heirs to the Kingdom as citizens of the Kingdom (Romans 8:17). Jesus also said in Revelation 1:18 that He has the keys of Hades and of Death. These keys have never been passed on to anyone. So our focus is on the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

Now, regarding the specific keys as spoken about in Matthew 16, the Lord spoke the other in my spirit that many have DISPLACED or even LOST the keys. This word followed after I had displaced my own car keys for almost three weeks, and by accident found them while rummaging in a cupboard looking for something else. Fortunately, I have a spare key for the car, but not for the house. So it was a huge inconvenience, but just as I had DISPLACED the keys by accident, the Lord spoke that some believers had by intention stored away the divine keys, while others have simply ignored them while some do not even know where they are anymore.

You see, a key is only useful if you use it. The keys as granted by God are only of use if we actually use them by declaring, teaching, preaching, and announcing the Kingdom of God. Thus standing upon Scripture, speaking God’s Word and His Will, thus the summary of the Lord’s Prayer. They only become effective if we use the keys to declare what is immoral and unnatural in the Kingdom of Heaven compared to what is right, pure, and holy. So yes, God has given us keys. Great. Wonderful. But what are we doing with the keys? Some have forsaken their call in the Kingdom, so they have stored away the keys. Some know of their call and mandate or purpose but have become so busy with the world and life they have displaced or even lost the keys. Some have become so deceived by the world and by the devil they do not even know what the right keys to use anymore.

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And I use the word DISPLACED for a reason, for it means “to move (something) from its proper or usual position.” Just like we are called to always wear the armor of God of Ephesians 6 by walking in God’s salvation, in faith, in righteousness, in truth, and in the Holy Spirit, the keys should always be with us. As we are called to be trained and equipped to use the sword and shield, thus learning how to walk in the Spirit and how to exercise the Scriptures to the glory of God, so we need to learn and be equipped how to use the KEYS as given by God. Yes, we need to know how to exercise Matthew 16:19, so that the keys are not just an accessory item but a vital weapon in our arsenal to establish God’s Kingdom in the hearts of mankind. But are they part and parcel of our lives when we wake up and when we go throughout the day. Or have they been “moved away from the proper place”? And where should the keys be found on the armor? Yes, tied to the belt of truth, for the Kingdom of God is all about Truth, for the Truth sets us free and because Jesus is the Truth.

We live in perilous times where some are trying to unlock the DOOR (Jesus – John 10) with the wrong keys. Some are even handing out wrong keys, promising these are the divine keys that will unlock the storehouses to heaven. Some are even selling such fake keys! And yes, some are trying to declare they have the only authentic and right key and no one else. There is only one set of keys that are genuine that unlocks heaven, and grants the authority to the user to lose and bind, and it is certainly not any keys of the devil, or the world or of any clever locksmith that appears pious and holy yet denies the power of the kingdom of heaven.

So yes, are you still in possession of the keys the Lord gave you? Are you still using them? Do we even know how to use them anymore? Or have they become displaced, lost, or even stored away? For with the keys come great responsibility and authority, but the pretender, the liar, the false, the carnal, and the sorcerer will never know how to use the real keys. Just like the pretender knows not how to properly use the armor of God. Yes, there are many counterfeit keys floating around, and many users of such keys who proclaim “Jesus, Jesus” yet they seek more to unlock the gates of hell instead of declaring the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Kingdom of God. So be alert, be watchful, for such perilous days of the false and the counterfeit are upon us. Now is the time more than ever to walk in the Spirit to know how to use the keys, not for the sake of the Self, but to the glory of God and to the glory of the eternal Kingdom.

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Riaan Engelbrecht

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