Mobilize and Activate

The Church Needs To Be Mobilized and Activated

The reality is, we all do. We are not in a good place at this moment. This is why the support team of this resources initiative has decided to launch a few campaigns that are aimed at helping all churches to do just that.

We are pursuing very important goals; to equip people to plant new churches and to help existing church leaders to expand their congregations. All resources are FREE and may be accessed by anyone. So feel free to click the relevant links to make use of all these resources.

We are currently running a few campaigns:

The house church “Mobilized and Activated” campaign which is aimed at mobilizing and activating people to plant new house churches all over the world.

The Church Expansion Program which is aimed at helping the organized church leaders to counter the damages caused by COVID-19 and to help them activating a healthy evangelism program in their congregations. Please take note that we have made excellent resources available to the organized church which will be a great help. All churches and church leaders are welcome to make use of these FREE resources. Although the Global Activation and Mobilization Network is focused on planting and maintaining house churches, assisting the institutional church is just as important. We provide resources, we work together with local churches during outreaches and we will have facilities available in the future where church camps, equipping conferences, and equipping courses will be hosted by the GCR Support Team: Church Expansion Program Resources

A Discipleship training program which is aimed at equipping God’s people with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the Great Commission successfully. This includes obtaining an accredited first-year certificate, and a three-year Bachelor’s degree. Click on this link for more information: Revealed Word Bible College

Click on the link below to take part in the Church Expansion Program

How we can help you?

Global Activation and Mobilization network marketing video

So, what is this network all about?

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