Business Plan

Global Activation and Mobilization Network is a faith-based non-profit company based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The company is managed by a board of directors and a CEO. It is supported by five different ministries who have decided to put all their resources together and to streamline the work of the ministry and their efforts to equip all peoples of the world to fulfill the great commission as Christ instructed.

The core purpose and vision of the Global Activation and Mobilization Network are to equip, activate, and mobilize as many people as possible to carry out the great commission. To appoint people as Activation and Mobilization Teams, ready and available to equip and disciple others and to plant new house churches in their communities. The vision is also to help the institutional church to expand their church congregations by implementing an effective and successful evangelism program.

The Company already consists of the following: An International Radio Station (Lighthouse Radio Station) that has been broadcasting all over the world for four years already. An online Discipleship Bible School (Lighthouse Discipleship Bible School) that was launched almost a year ago already. A special website that contains equipping resources and gives access to practical training that forms the foundation for appointing special Activation and Mobilization Teams with Team Leaders.

Accredited Certificates, diplomas, and a Bachelor’s degree are issued on completion of the courses.

The company is on the brink of making all the resources accessible through a physical Discipleship Bible School in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The following facilities will be built:

Phase 1: Building the Lecture Hall (furnished similar to the lecture halls of universities and able to accommodate at least 250 students)

Phase 2: Building the Kitchen/Dining Hall/Verandah (One fully furnished kitchen with storerooms and walk-in fridge and freezer, one furnished dining hall, one undercover verandah with chairs where students can relax during breaks)

Phase 3: Building the Hostels and the Radio Studio (furnished shared facilities able to accommodate 250 students)

Phase 4: Building the Swimming pool/Gym/Recreation area/Administration block (Administration block: 10 x furnished offices)

Phase 5: Building the Hostel for staff, Prayer booths, Facility for deliverance, Housing for people delivered (Staff hostel: shared facilities able to accommodate at least 30 people. Facility for deliverance: One room with facilities. Housing for people delivered: Ten rooms with shared facilities)

Phase 6: Purchasing 2 x additional Tents, Folding chairs (1000), 2 x Sound system, 2 x Laptop to play marketing video and music, 1 x Vehicles, and 1 x trailer to transport equipment. (One tent to be used on the property and a second one for additional outreaches)

Phase 7: Building a furnished conference room with camping spots and additional housing facilities to accommodate the organized church practical training and equipping courses and conferences.

Phase 8: Purchasing 2 x additional Tents, Folding chairs (1000), 2 x Sound system, 2 x Laptop to play marketing video and music, 1 x Vehicles, and 1 x trailer to transport equipment. (One tent to be used on the property and a second one for additional outreaches)

Phase 9: Starting a vegetable farm on a huge scale to supply food to approved charity organizations in the Eastern and Western Cape. Thirty percent of the profits and/or produce of the annual harvest will be retained by Global Activation and Mobilization Network to supply food to students and staff and to support the ministry.

The immediate plan is to embark on a tent-ministry, that will partly be a practical training program that enables the Bible School to reach the online students in their home-towns and also the general public. It will also be utilized as a marketing strategy with the purpose of making the peoples of South Africa aware of the services and equipping programs of the ministry. It will also be a tool to raise the necessary funds to proceed with the building and implementation of the different facilities and programs.

The courses and practical training sessions provide students with the skills to fulfill the great commission as Christ instructed the church. How to plant house churches, Prophetic School, Dreams and visions Interpretation, The Gifts of the Spirit, Powerful Ministry (Casting out devils, healing the sick, raising the dead, pray for baptism in the Holy Spirit)

Students are also accommodated in ministerial positions as part of the Activation And Mobilization Teams Program. These benefits and services have provided a solution for the shortcomings and lack of equipping resources that hindered authentic house church planting for many decades which at the same time, can be utilized, in an adapted form and strategy, by the organized church as well.

Scholars will receive practical training in the following fields: General theoretical training that covers all subjects and aspects of Christianity and the word and will of God, practical training which will enable them to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to lay hands on people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, to carry out true and Biblical based deliverance, interpreting dreams and visions according to Biblical principles, to operate and function prophetically according to Biblical principles and to plant house churches as Jesus Christ and the disciples did and to expand church congregations.

All these facilities require quite a substantial amount of finances to become a reality. Please consider helping us fulfill the great commission.

How can you help us?

You can help us by doing one or more of the following:

1. Donate by depositing a once-off amount in the companies bank account: Global Activation and Mobilization Network, First National Bank, Acc: 62869642910, Branch: 210835 or Swift code: FIRNZAJJ or click on the link below to do it through PayFast by means of Credit card, Debit card, and EFT.


2. Donate in small increments by subscribing at the link below:


3. Share this page on all your social media platforms. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

So, what is this network all about?