Prophets Of Identity

The other day the Lord spoke that He is restoring the identity of prophets. The Lord placed a specifically strong emphasis on identity, which is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. And I was made to understand the world and the devil has tried valiantly to rob many of their identities, casting doubt, confusion, and misdirecting their steps on God’s path, but such plans shall not prevail.

And I was made to understand that some who have been called for this calling have indeed lost their identity, be in terms of knowing who they are in Christ, or in terms of knowing their call, or in terms of walking in the full realization of their mandate. Some have indeed wandered away, and some have even given up, but God has not and His eye is on them, just as His eye was on Moses for 40 years in a secular palace! God specifically showed how Moses needed his identity restored, so that this baby who was rescued from the reeds would one day in the power and authority of God part the Re(e)d Sea.

But the identity of Moses needed to be restored first in order to lead the Israelites out of captivity. He after all grew up in the Egyptian palace, so we do not know exactly when he found out was of the Hebrew race. But what was sure is that he did not yet know his calling as a prophet or his mandate. So when Moses met God in the burning bush only then did God begin to reveal, restore, and unfold Moses’ true identity. Moses was not just a baby rescued from the river, but he was called to be a great prophet of Israel, leading them from slavery to liberty, and to be the receiver of the Law. Just so, many have mocked and ridiculed God’s prophets, even if they are not yet revealed, for they seem insignificant, of little worth or importance, just as they show little worth in a baby in a crib.

And God also spoke that it was by God’s hand that Moses was saved by the Egyptians and raised in the palace. Certain prophets are finding themselves in Egyptian palaces, plucked from obscurity, but God is preparing them to be the prophets of God, thus restoring their identity. For in their identity is their purpose, and in their purpose is their vision. As God preserved and rescued Moses for a specific time and a season, so God has reserved and rescued His prophets for a specific time and season.

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And for some, the identity will be restored, revealed, and will unfold at the burning bush. For others, it will be the burden of slavery afflicted by the devil upon so many that will stir their hearts, and for others, it will be a yearning to see God’s will be done. For God revealed and restored the identity of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and surely in a time and a season God will rise up the prophets – some forgotten, some hunted, some persecuted and some ignored – and they shall come forth from the reeds and from the palaces and from the fields of slavery to bring a word of liberty, of freedom and of hope. And they shall truly come in power, and people – the scoffers and the mockers – shall know, as with Ezekiel, that a prophet is in the house of God! Yes, says the Lord, with great signs and powers as in the days of Elijah and Elisha they shall come forth like dry bones coming to life, and they shall not be silenced and they shall be heard.

This reminds me of a word God gave years ago that the voices in the wilderness shall be heard. At the time the Lord said He is raising up those who have a heart and a voice for the Kingdom. He is raising up an army who refuses to be silent, who will not flinch in times of trial or tribulation, will not shy away when faced with evil, and who will not compromise His Truth. Such an army is right now being formed in the earth … the remnant that will arise out of the ruins of religiosity and carnality.

For this army, whatever the numbers, will rebuild the ruins of God’s watchtowers and they will rebuild the walls of his Kingdom as they declare liberty to the captive and freedom for the brokenhearted. They move in the power of the Spirit to declare the Gospel of the Kingdom! They are rising … for the Lord calls them. These are the days of the valley of dry bones, for the Spirit is breathing life into those who have been called and who have been faithful, yet they feel withered, dry, and dead. Arise cries the Lord! For this army surely walks in the steps of the Shepherd – He who is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world was laid. It is He who is the Lion of Judah that returns with the hose of heaven.

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At the time the Lord said there are many like John the Baptist who for a while and a season has been in the wilderness, crying out, struggling, suffering, sacrificing, and hoping for a better day. But take hearts says the Lord, for those who remain true to their calling and mandate, shall surely walk in its completion and fulfillment. How the Lord calls for a people who will seek obedience to their calling more than the reward, more than any praise or recognition! John lived on wild honey and locust to survive – yet for his obedience, he was rewarded not with great wealth but he was rewarded with great praise from the Lord Himself!

There are many voices crying out in the wilderness – crying out God’s truth in Spirit – yet many are not yet listening, but the time shall come. Yes, it will come says the Lord! Like in the days of John, now is the time to remain steadfast, to remain true to the Lord and true to His message and His Truth. For out of the wilderness they will come, no more hidden but revealed, but unveiled as Lazarus came out of the tomb, so the Lord says come forth His sons and daughters, come out of your wilderness and embrace the light of His Glory!

The Lord is raising up men like John the Baptist who lived for nothing else but the King of Heaven and he lived for nothing else than the truth of such Gospel. God is rising up men and women with the singular vision and determination of John. They will not back down. They do not seek to be pampered. They may only speak to a few, and their ministry may be short-lived, but they know it is about faithfulness, obedience, and their love for the King! And the Lord says I will lead them out of the wilderness! I will lead them and their voices shall be heard! I will them their words burn with fire says the Lord!

For look says the Lord, they are coming out of the wilderness! They are coming – the ignored, the trodden, the dismissed, the scared, the bruised, and the broken – they are coming to speak the word of God. Ignore their voice says the Lord if you wish, but what they speak shall come to pass and there shall be no delay! And My power says the Lord shall be with them and all shall know these are My servants who have chosen Me, no matter the cost. For they know the voice of their King, for they have turned their ears to His calling, and they have obeyed and they have followed.

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A quickening! There is a quickening of the Spirit as the Lord will birth His Bride in Glory and by the Blood of the Lamb. For those who come with His voice shall be quickened by the Spirit, burning with holy fire, for they seek not the mantle of the world or the mantle placed on them by man, but the hand of God and God alone. And now I understand, much of this will truly happen with the restoring and unveiling of identity.

Riaan Engelbrecht

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